The best way to find out if we can help you is to set an appointment. Our attorneys are very busy focusing on cases for clients that have already contracted us and your case will receive the same treatment should you hire us. The initial consultation fee is $125 which will be credited towards your case if you sign a contract with us within 30 days-so the money will not be lost!

For your first appointment, bring any immigration documents that you may have. If the documents are not available and they are not easy to obtain, set the appointment any way and we will try and help. Often times we can request copies of misplaced documents from the government. If there are any relevant criminal documents, please bring those. In short, bring anything that you think may be helpful and we will sort it out in our office.  The initial consultations lasts about 45 minutes but can go longer if there is not an additional client already waiting. Telephone consultations are also available.

Here at Vazquez & Servi, PC, we understand what’s really at stake for yourself and your families. The immigration system is one that is broken and that continues to cause families grief and heartache on a daily basis. Don’t let the broken immigration system intimidate you. Contact Vazquez & Servi, PC now and let our experienced attorneys help you start living your American dream.

Print out this webpage and present it to the receptionist to receive a $25 discount from your first appointment!